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Dijital Karma directs the attention of internet users to your website by using Facebook Ads to target people who have shown interest in services and products of your field.


Reach your audience using the biggest social media platform on earth! Facebook has over 2.7 billion active users and keeps attracting new users every single day. You can easily get in touch with your potential customers and target audience using Facebook Ads.

Create impressive and effective Facebook Ads to outshine your competitors! Reaching billions of internet users all around the globe, Facebook Ads can help you attract new customers, increase the traffic of your website, gain new followers and sell more products. Polish your image, grow your business and let the world know about your brand with Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads combine many elements including dynamic visuals, stylish videos, fun to read copies. As a result, they grab the attention of the internet users. Moreover, you can benefit from Facebook’s enhanced targeting options. You can target people who have recently shown interest to your business or viewed your products. Moreover, you can show your ads to a certain age group or region.

What are the Benefits and Advantages of Facebook Ads?

Facebook Ads are designed to offer advertising and marketing solutions for everyone: Small businesses, big corporations, family businesses, new brands, old brands, young organizations, seasoned ones and more. By creating a Facebook ad campaign, you can reach billions of people from all around the world and build emotional bonds between your brand and your future customers.

One of the biggest benefits of Facebook Ads is that they allow you to specify your demographic in great detail. As a result, you can strategically decide when, where and to whom to show your ads in order to ensure a successful communication with your future customers. Choose the age group, gender, interests, location and behaviours that represent your audience the best.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to run a successful ad campaign on Facebook. In order to raise brand awareness or make more sales, you can create high value ad campaings and efficient ads without going over budget. With unique solutions for small and large scale businesses, Facebook Ads aim to give you the edge.

Intricate statistics, realistic metrics and in-depth analyses allow you to efficiently measure the success of your ad campaign, so that you can make tweaks and adjustments whenever you need. You can take a closer look at the success rate of your past campaigns and plan the next one in a resourceful manner.

Facebook Ads offer many different formats to answer all your needs: You can make more sales with dynamic ads, attract new followers with video ads or surpass your competitors with carousel ads.

How to Create Facebook Ads?

If you want to run an ad campaign on Facebook, first you need to create a Business Manager account. Then you need to establish the goal of your campaign: Raising brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, downloads, store visits, catalogue sales… You must establish your goal after considering your business’ needs, thne you must choose the right format for you. After setting your goal, you should carefully choose your audience (demographic, location, interests etc.), platform (Instagram, Facebook, automated platforms and more), budget and the format of your ads. That is all! After completing these steps, your ad will be live and start building a bridge between you and your new customers.

How Do Facebook Ads Work?

Facebook Ads aim to show relevant products and services to Facebook users and internet users. In order to do that, Facebook Ads use their interests, Facebook activity, age, most visited web pages, location and more.

When you run a Facebook Ad, you build a bridge between your brand and your audience. As a result, your future customers discover your brand, visit your web page, download your app or purchase your products.

What are the Facebook Ads Objectives?

In order to answer all the needs of advertisers, Facebook offers different types and objectives of ads. You can choose what works best for you and your business.

 Recognition: If you want to ensure that your brand is known by more people, you should aim for the Recognition objective. This objective allows you to raise brand awareness. For the recognition ads, you can use pictures, photographs, videos, slide shows or carousels.

Reach: You can opt for this objective in order to raise brand awareness or get more foot traffic. You can use pictures, photographs, videos, slide shows or Carousels. You can show your ad to hundreds of thousands of people using the reach objective,

Traffic: Traffic ads are only shown to the Facebook users who are most likely to click the link. In order to do that, Facebook makes use of the past behaviour of its users. Traffic ads are the best option for you especially if you are looking for new readers, subscribers, listeners or viewers,

Engagement: You can get more attention to the post of your choosing by running an engagement ad, get more event responses or attract more followers. This ad objective allows you to use pictures, photographs, videos and slide shows,

App Downloads: As its name suggests, this objective aims to get viewers download your app. For this objective, you can use a single photograph, single picture, single video, a slideshow or a carousel,

Video Views: Video views objective is often preferred to advertise a product or a service along with remarketing purposes. You can use slide shows, videos or a single carousel,

Lead Generation: This objective suits your goals if you aim to raise your sales. When the users click on your ad, they are redirected to a form page which they can fill with their e-mail address and phone number,

Messenger Ads: Being one of the fastest routes to finding new customers, Messenger ads can be combined with message lists, bots and various other alternative technologies, so that you can run much more efficient campaigns,

Catalogue Sales: With this objective, you can display multiple products in a carousel.  Due to its versatility and accessibility, catalogue sales is one of the best remarketing tools available on Facebook,

Store Visits: Store visits objective shows your ad to people that are in close periphery of your store.

How Facebook Ads are Priced?

Facebook Ads aim to answer a wide range of marketing and advertising needs of both small and large scale businesses. That is why billing and pricing varies greatly. You can choose from different pricing options in accordance with your goals and objectives.

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