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Dijital Karma promotes Google Ads Campaign for you to reach out to a wider audience, grow your business, and get a solid foothold on Google.

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Google Ads

With Google Ads, you can promote your brand to new and wider audiences and grow your business. More than 90% of internet users’s web experience starts on a search engine. Get a solid foothold in your business on Google, the world’s most popular search engine. Start reaching to your potential customers today. 

Internet users search on Google to decide what to buy, where to go, or what to eat. With Google AdWords, you can make your business appear at the top of these searches and be the answer to the questions your potential customers ask Google. You can reach your target audience through mobile devices, desktop computers, and various other platforms with Google AdWords. 

With AdWords, you can increase the traffic of your website, or you can run efficient campaigns that will increase the sales. You can run a successful, high return and impressive AdWords campaign for your business without going over your budget. 

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Why Should Businesses Advertise on Google?

Every day, internet users of all ages from around the world make 5.8 billion Google searches. They use Google for shopping, education or business purposes, ask questions about travel, food and many more. By taking your place in this dynamic and popular platform, you can connect your business with your potential customers.

With Google Ads, you can reach the right people with the right messages at the right time, no matter how niche your target audience is. While doing your targeting, you can ensure that your ads reach your potential customers by using many parameters such as location, interest, age, gender, context. 

Google Ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, offers unique opportunities to businesses of all sizes with its unique dynamics that differ from traditional media. Unlike traditional media, you can choose in detail who will view your ad (age, likes, location, gender, interests etc.). Your starting budget for Google Ads can be very big or very small. 

You can plan your Google Ads campaign in accordance with your goals, the size of your business and your budget. Google Ads allows you to get high return rates without spending high amounts, increase your website traffic or introduce your brand to new audiences. With its flexibility in advertising planning and budget control, Google Ads promises impressive results for businesses of all sizes.

Since you pay only when your target audience clicks on the ads, Google Ads also provides clear and insightful performance metrics. Thus, you can track how successful your ads are or how many new customers your campaign has brought to your business. You can also test your Google Ads before going live!

Using Google Ads, you can build your audience from scratch, or explore remarketing opportunities.

Google, one of the biggest players on the internet, offers many different advertising models to businesses. You can choose the most suitable Google advertising model for you and run a successful campaign. You can plan your Google Ads campaign in a very flexible way so that you can create unique ads that answer all your needs.

Google Ads campaign models include the following options:

  • Search Ads
  • Merchant Center (Shopping) Ads
  • Display Advertising
  • YouTube Ads
  • Gmail Ads
  • Re-marketing Ads

How Can You Create Google Ads?

It’s easy to advertise on Google! First, you need to create your Google Ads account, then choose the most suitable model, target audience and budget for your ad. That is all!

Google Advertising Fees

Google advertising fees vary according to your preferred ad model, your target audience and the details of your campaign. Unlike traditional ads, you can run an effective advertising campaign without exceeding your budget in Google Ads.

Why Do You Need A Google Advertising Agency?

Being one of today’s most effective digital ecosystems, Google Ads is the fastest way to reach your potential customers. So much so that you can change the fate of your business, multiply your customer base and your website traffic with well-managed Google Ads. 

It is very easy to open a Google Ads account and advertise on Google. Yet optimizing these ads and ensuring that they return as sales and traffic require a high level of expertise and experience. That is why collaborating with a Google advertising agency ensures that your business gets the most out of your ad campaigns. 

When you collaborate with a Google advertising agency that knows how to produce marketing strategies suitable for your needs and make your business stand out among the competitors, you ensure that your Google Ads return as sales and brand awareness.

Take Your Business One Step Further With Dijital Karma!

Statistics, keywords, auctions, return rates … With so many technical details and subtle parameters, Google Ads can be quite tiring and confusing. If you want to focus on the bright future of your business instead of getting lost in the details, contact us now! As the Digital Karma team, we have vast experience in the industry and we look forward to creating unique strategies, Google Ads solutions and digital campaigns for your business.