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Dijital Karma develops effective B2B communication for your brand by building a solid bond with potential customers and partners using LinkedIn Ads.


LinkedIn has revolutionized the way we do business. Amassing over 675 million active users from all around the world, a successful LinkedIn ad campaign can give your business the edge. With LinkedIn ads, you can increase brand awareness and introduce your business to new audiences. 

Being a unique and effective medium in B2B communication, LinkedIn is one of the best tools available for advertisers. You can use LinkedIn ads to strengthen your business-to-company communications, tell the story of your brand and expand your professional business network. Using different advertising models, you can run successful advertising campaigns in line with your marketing goals. 

Reach your target audience at the right time with the right message using LinkedIn’s precise and detailed targeting options. Build a strong bond with your potential customers and business partners. 

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LinkedIn Ads allow you to reach professionals from many industries within seconds. More than 600 million professionals from around the world use LinkedIn to expand their business network, find jobs and make professional purchases. That is why you can change the fate of your business with the right advertising strategies on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Ads offer many advantages to advertisers. One of these advantages is platform’s high penetration rate: Almost all professionals in certain fields use LinkedIn. You can address millions of users on LinkedIn whose users come from every background and demographic. If you want to reach bigger professional audiences, LinkedIn is what you need.

One of the most important advantages offered by LinkedIn Ads is unique targeting options. You can reach professionals from many different sectors with LinkedIn Ads, which aim to overcome the difficulties faced by businesses, especially in B2B communication. Unlike traditional social media platforms, you can find new business partners or meet your future customers on LinkedIn, which is only used by professionals for business processes.

If you plan to run LinkedIn Ads to increase your business’s visibility on LinkedIn and expand your professional network, you don’t need to have a huge budget. LinkedIn’s advertising solutions offer campaign options that appeal to companies of all sizes.

How to Publish LinkedIn Ads

It is very easy to publish ads on LinkedIn to expand your business’s professional network! To do this, you must first create a LinkedIn Ads Campaign Manager account. You can manage all your ads on LinkedIn through this account, review the stats of your past campaigns, specify your target audience, and track your auctions. 

Again, through this account, you can see how many times your LinkedIn Ads have been viewed by whom, how many clicks they have received, and how many messages you have received through your ads.

After creating your LinkedIn Ads Campaign Manager account, you must choose what type of ad you want to publish. After choosing the one that best suits your business’s marketing goals and your audience, you should create your ad, choose your target audience and adjust your budget. 

What Are LinkedIn Ad Types and How Are They Displayed?

LinkedIn offers advertisers three basic advertising models: 

Sponsored Content:  In this model, your ad appears like a regular post in the timeline of LinkedIn users. Can contain images, text and links.

Text Ads:  4 Text Ads are displayed on each page. They are text-only and displayed in the timeline at the top and alongside the company and profile pages.

Sponsored InMail:  You can reach LinkedIn users via e-mail with this model. 

How Much Do Ads Cost on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn ads appeal to every budget, so they offer three different pricing methods:

Pay per click,

Cost Per Thousand Impressions,

Cost per InMail ads.

Expand Your Professional Network with Digital Karma!

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