Twitter ADS

Dijital Karma reflects the unique persona of your brand, increases brand awareness, and keeps you in touch with your existing customers with Twitter Ads.


With nearly 330 million active users, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms and brings together the Internet users form all around the world.

Stand out from your competitors with Twitter ads! You can promote your business to new audiences, create an original and memorable image for your brand, increase brand awareness or stay in touch with your existing customers.

What is Twitter Advertising? And What Are the Advantages of Twitter Ads?

With Twitter Ads, you can market your business, product or services to the world, reach new audiences, and communicate with your potential customers. Twitter Ads offer customizable advertising options depending on your business’s marketing strategy and goals such as increasing your followers, getting clicks on your site, getting your video watched, or encouraging the download of your mobile app.

With its dynamic atmosphere and popularity especially among the younger generation, Twitter allows you to run effective advertising campaigns which can answer many different marketing goals such as creating a brand image from scratch, increasing brand awareness, selling more products or raising website traffic.

Twitter stands out with its detailed targeting options; thus, you can choose your target audience based on age group, gender, or region. In addition to advanced targeting algorithms, Twitter offers users the opportunity to interact with ads. In other words, your ad content can be liked, retweeted, mentioned, or sent to another user as a direct message. As a result, the life of your ad content continues after meeting the audience you target.

Another advantage of Twitter Ads is that it allows you to use image, video and text elements in your ad content. With creative and attention-grabbing texts, you can ensure that Twitter users viewing your ad can build an emotional connection with it.

What Are Twitter Ad Models? Where Do Twitter Ads Appear?

The most important factor that makes Twitter a very attractive platform for advertisers is the wide variety of Twitter ad models. Considering your marketing strategy, you can choose a Twitter advertising model that fits your unique needs like increasing brand awareness and value, making more product or service sales, or getting more app downloads.

Promoted Trend:  It allows you to keep a Hashtag of your choice at the top of the Trend Topic list for 24 hours.

Promoted Tweet:  It allows you to reach users who do not following you.

Promoted Account:  It allows your Twitter account to appear in the feed of users who don’t follow you.

Application Installation and Interaction:  With the ads displayed in the timeline of Twitter users, you can ensure that your mobile application is downloaded by a wider audience.

Twitter Ads Pricing

Twitter Ads have a dynamic pricing system. The prices vary depending on the type of ad you choose, your target audience and the duration of your advertisement.

Twitter Ads offer campaign alternatives that appeal to different budgets and businesses.

Stand Out on Twitter with Dijital Karma!

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