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Dijital Karma designs unique websites for you to keep your communication with your existing customers alive, reach more customers, and promote your services and products.

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Today, websites are the platforms where businesses make the first contact with their potential customers. For this reason, you should have an impressive and useful website that manages to tell the story of your business accurately and efficiently. It also should provide your potential customers with the information they need -such as your address, products or contact information.

Through your website, you can keep your communication with your existing customers alive, reach your future customers, promote your services and products. Who are you? What do you sell? Why should your target audience choose you over your competitors? The most valuable medium where you will explain all these and more is your website.

In addition, your website is the first page your customers encounter when they search for you on the internet. That’s why you need an impressive website to make a good impression and build an emotional connection.

You can take your business one step further with a SEO compatible corporate website, which is one of the most important requirements for reaching your target audience and starting an efficient communication in a world where the internet use is increasing significantly every year.

Considerations in Corporate Website Design

Your website is the online showcase of your business. How do you want to promote your business to the world? What impression do you want to make? You should answer these questions before designing your website.

In addition to being able to tell the story of your brand, your website should be user-friendly and serve your brand’s marketing goals. For this reason, you should pay attention to the following factors while building your corporate website:

  • Customer Analysis:  Who are your customers? What do they like and what do they hate? Consider the answers to these questions while building your website.
  • Sector Analysis:  Your website must be in line with requirements of the industry.
  • SEO Compatible:  When your potential customers search for your products / services on Google or other search engines, your business website should appear in the search engine results page.
  • Mobile Compatible (Responsive) Web Design:  Today, 50.13% of internet traffic originates from mobile devices. For this reason, your business website should be compatible with mobile devices.
  • Loading Speed:  Nobody likes to wait for a website to load. For this reason, your website should load as fast as possible, without making the viewers wait.
  • An Easy-to-Use and Versatile Dashboard:  You need a useful, understandable and versatile dashboard so that you can update your website frequently and add new content. Make sure that you have an useful dashboard so that you can view your SEO applications, work on ad embeds and do similar tasks without a software developer. 
  • An Experienced Web Design Agency:  Working with a web design specialist is not enough for creating an efficient and stylish website. While building the website, 360-degree digital marketing dynamics should be taken into consideration. Moreover, SEO and Google Ads compatible content must be created. For this reason, our customers in Dijital Karma are served by an experienced and creative team consisting of a Social Media Specialist, Digital Marketing Specialist and SEO Specialist as well as a Web Design Specialist.

Why Do You Need A Good Website?

Your website is the face of your brand. Your existing customers, potential customers, and business partners visit your website to make the first contact with you. For this reason, you should have a well-designed, responsive and contemporary website in order to make a good first impression, communicate effectively with your target audience, and introduce your brand to the world.

Start designing your website today to create a consistent corporate image. Tell your brand’s story to the world.

Our Web Design Processes

We follow a detailed and meticulous web design process to give you a unique website;

 Planning:  At this stage, we offer a rough outline that addresses your needs,

 Design:  At this stage, we develop a design that suits your industry, your customers’ expectations and your brand image,

 Software:  At this stage, the interface is supported with HTML-CSS-JS. The front-end process is completed first, then the static site is transformed into a dynamic site that you can manage by integrating the CMS panel,

 Test:  After your website is built, we test it on different devices and browsers in order to identify potential problems and solve them,

 Broadcasting:  In the last step of our web design process, we publish your new website.

Web Design Price

Pricing of our web design processes is very flexible. The price of your website varies according to the design you prefer, the technology to be used and the applications you request.

How Long Does It Take to Build A Website?

As the Dijital Karma team, our goal is to offer you a stylish and useful website that fully meets your needs. That is why our web design processes differ according to your demands and the technologies you want to employ.

Raise Your Karma!

Increase the Karma of your business with an expert, experienced and enthusiastic team!

As the Dijital Karma family, we offer you unique web design solutions to increase brand awareness, reach potential customers, and support the brand image.

We offer an easy-to-use management panel/dashboard so that you can easily manage your website, integrate new content and images without difficulty. Also we support you whenever you have a difficulty or need help.

If you want to create a unique website for your business and increase the value of your brand, contact us immediately!