Google Search Network ADS

Dijital Karma helps you increase the traffic and sales of your website, promote brand awareness, and reach out to your potential customers with Google Search ADS.

Google Ads Search Network Ads

Google Search Network consists of hundreds of millions of websites and mobile applications where your ads can reach your target audience. Google Search Network ad model offers a high impact solution for your online advertising needs. 

You can increase the traffic and sales of your site and increase the awareness of your brand with Google Search Ads, which help you get in touch with your potential customers at the right place and time. With the Search Network Ads, you can run impressive ad campaigns without going over your advertising budget. 

Google Search Network Ads offer a certain degree of flexibility to ensure that you message is presented in the best way possible. That is why you can choose text-based ads, Dynamic Search Ads or captivating Visual Ads that employ images, photographs, illustrations and videos.

What is Google Search Ads?

Google Search Network Advertising is a complex ecosystem that allows you to promote your brand on Google’s platforms. The ads you publish on the Google Search Network can be in many different formats: Image, lightbox, video, text, dynamic search and more.

Your ads can reach your future customers through many Google platforms. If you wish, you can advertise your application on Google Play, or you can advertise on Google Shopping, Google Images, Google Maps, YouTube and various other Google websites. 

What are the Benefits of Google Search Ads for Businesses?

Google Search Ads build a bridge between you and your future customers. When you integrate search network ads into your campaign, your ad is displayed on the millions of websites of Google Search Network partners. Thus, while introducing your brand to new audiences, you also gain new customers.

Google Search Ads offer a unique promotion opportunity to businesses. Your ads appear before the internet users who search for the keywords related to your products or service. In other words, the ads of your business are shown to individuals who are already interested in your industry or product. Thus, your ads bring more traffic to your website and even introduce you to new customers.

In the Google Search Network, your business’s ads are shown to tens of thousands of internet users depending on the duration of your campaign and your targeting, but you only pay when your ad is clicked. Thus, you reach many internet users without exceeding your advertising budget and increase brand awareness.

Google Ads reach 90% of all internet users. So can you with Google Search Network Ads!

How Does Google Search Ads Work?

Google Search Ads are based on keywords. In other words, your ad shows up when a user searches a related keyword. 

The Search Network, Google’s most popular advertising model, provides unmatched exposure to your business: Billions of people use Google’s search engine feature every day and investing in a top place in the search engine results is the best way to get in touch with your future customers.

The Search Network also shows your business advertisement when internet users search for words similar to the keywords you have chosen for your ad. This way, you promote your business to the largest possible audience.

How Much Does Google Search Ads Cost?

In Google Search Network Ads, the concept of ad rank is very important. It decides in what order your Google Search Ad will appear in search results, moreover it also plays a role in choosing which ads will make it to the results page. Ad rank is calculated using a sophisticated algorithm which takes ad quality, relevance, the amount you bid, the UX offered by your landing page, the expected click-through rate and many other factors. The price of your ad is also calculated while considering all these factors and determined through an auction.

How Can You Create Google Search Ads?

Before you can run your ad on the Google Search Network, you need to determine your campaign strategy. First, you need to decide on your ad group and then develop a plan for this ad group. Google Search Ads that are not well planned and optimized can be very costly for your business and cannot provide any return. 

When planning your Search Ads, you should choose your keywords carefully. Which keywords do you want to be associated with your business? While looking for an answer to this question, you should consider impactful keywords. Choosing keywords with purchase intent can be also very useful.  

The next step of running a Google Ads campaign is creating attractive and stylish ads using an original copy, high quality images and videos.

Make Your Google Ads Stand Out with Dijital Karma!

93% of internet users start their internet experience on a search engine. If you manage the search engine processes well, these experiences will lead internet users to your website.

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