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Dijital Karma promotes Google Ads Campaign for you to reach out to a wider audience, grow your business, and get a solid foothold on Google.
New York Google Ads Agency

When we are talking about digital marketing, we will always find ourselves mentioning Google. As it is the largest search engine, it will be a part of the digital marketing strategy you are practicing if, of course, you pursue success.

It is clear that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the essential methods for all digital marketing campaigns, as it enables you to drive huge traffic to your website. However, the practice of search engine optimization alone will take time to get the results you wish to have. But there is a way to achieve your goals more quickly and boost the success of your strategy, and that is investing in Google Ads.

But what should we understand from Google Ads, exactly? Basically, Google Ads is Google’s pay-per-click (PPC) platform, helping businesses gain visibility by letting people reach the products and services they are interested in. Well-designed Google Adwords campaigns give companies the potential to gain more leads and sales. Keep reading and learn how Google Ads works and the ways of running successful Google Ads campaigns that will help you grow your business by allowing you to reach your target audience.

How Do Google Ads Work?

When users search with a keyword for their query, they get search engine results, including the relevant keyword. They may also see paid advertisements, targeting that keyword on Google’s first result page that gets the majority of the traffic of any query. However, many marketers are probably competing for the same keyword, making it challenging to appear at the top. At this point, it becomes vital to understand these rankings better and, accordingly, how Google Ads operates.

What is PPC?

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a digital marketing model through which an advertiser pays a fee each time a user clicks ads and visits their websites. By doing so, the advertiser aims to generate a certain user action, like buying a certain product or service. Advertisers who create reliable PPC campaigns are generally rewarded with higher ad positioning with lower costs by Google and all the other platforms.

How to Do PPC with Google Ads?

Performing PPC marketing through Google Ads is exceptionally effective as Google is the most popular search engine that gets massive traffic.

Although numerous factors determine the efficiency of PPC advertising campaigns, PPC keyword research and PPC campaign management are significant for constant success.

For effective PPC keyword research, the following are essential: 

  • The keyword research must contain more than just the main keyword. It should also give place to more specific keywords, like long-tail keywords. Also, as these are less competitive, they will be less costly.
  • The keyword research must depend on the relevancy, meaning the keywords that are paid for should be relevant to the products or services that will be sold.
  • The keyword research must be adaptable, or to put it differently, constantly revising and expanding the keyword list is required for a growing PPC campaign.

For successful PPC campaign management, the below steps should be followed: 

  • Relevant keywords must be added to expand the PPC campaign.
  • Expensive but underperforming keywords must be determined and removed from the campaign.
  • The content of the landing pages must be modified in accordance with the search queries to boost conversion rates.
  • Sending all the traffic to the same landing page must be avoided.
  • Ad groups must be split into smaller relevant groups to create more targeted landing pages.

Of course, platforms to perform PPC campaigns are not limited to Google. Other search engines like Bing, social networks like Instagram and Facebook, and banner ads are just some other examples where PPC is used.

What are the Benefits of Google Ads?

The main question to ask yourself is, “Why should I use Google Ads?” At the end of the day, there are many other advertising methods and tools to prefer. What makes Google Ads a priority when advertising a service or product?

Let’s discover why investing in Google Ads is a wise choice by exploring some of the impressive benefits of Google Ads:

1. Massive Reach

You may have probably heard the saying “Google it!” – something people say when someone needs information about a subject. More than just a search engine, Google is a part of our daily lives these days because it is the platform where we find ourselves whenever we need an answer or a solution about anything.

In light of these, it is beyond question that Google offers massive reach to businesses, especially when they are willing to pay for it.

2. Right Audience

Google Ads allows you to customize your target audience by specifying variables like keywords, interests, locations, language, etc. Through this customization, you will be able to reach out to the leads who are already interested in the products and services you offer – meaning your potential customers will view your business. Thanks to Google Ads, you will be advertising for the people whose search intents are already about your advertisement, not those who do not want to be promoted.

3. Consistent Connection with the Leads

You can create retargeted ads for your website’s visitors who have been staying on your specific product or service pages but have not purchased anything yet. Retargeting campaigns of Google Ads will help you stay consistently connected with the leads, allowing you to preserve and even expand your potential conversion opportunities.

4. Increased Brand Awareness

Your presence on the most popular search engine matters a lot when it comes to your online visibility. Promoting your website through Google Ads will make you visible to those interested in your business. As you will be seen by the target audience multiple times, you will gain recognition over time, significantly impacting acquiring customers.

5. Monitored Campaign Performance

One of the great things about Google Ads is detailed analytics of your campaigns, providing lots of information about many variables, like traffic, conversions, clicks, engagements, and so on. By monitoring these analyses and reports provided by Google, you will be able to measure your success as well as your failures so that you can revise your campaign accordingly.

6. Quicker Results

Although SEO will permanently preserve its essentiality in digital marketing, it takes time to see satisfactory results provided by it. However, combining your SEO strategy with Google Ads campaigns will give you a great chance to boost and fasten your success.

7. Controlled Campaign Budget

For Google Ads campaigns, you target specific keywords and determine a bidding strategy in accordance with your business, but this does not end here. You can pause, modify, and set a daily budget for each campaign. This way, you will have total control over your budget all the time.

8. Maximized Return on Investment (ROI)

Thanks to the benefits mentioned above, like narrowing down the target audience and controlling the campaign budget, Google Ads offers huge ROI for businesses.

Whichever your primary goal with Google Ads campaigns is, Google gives you the chance to make your act accordingly. You can bid according to your plan and get the results you need in no time.

New York Google Ads Services for Businesses

In light of all these, it is evident that Google Ads is a requirement if you wish to have a solid place in the digital realm. However, you may hesitate to create and track Google Ads campaigns as you already have business-related responsibilities. This is precisely why working with a trustworthy digital marketing agency that will understand your needs and expectations is the wisest investment.

The opportunities for all kinds of businesses are limitless in NYC, but it is challenging to benefit from these advantages unless you have visibility and authority in the digital realm. Partnering with a digital marketing agency is the most reliable and fastest way to become a leader in your field.

Dijital Karma: New York Google Ads Agency

As Dijital Karma, we are a full-service digital marketing agency, providing services including PPC, SEO, Social Media, Content Management, Photo and Video Production, Web Development, and more. Our tailor-made strategies produce excellent results for each company we work with.

We develop Google Ads strategies by considering your budget, the requirements of your business, and your expectations so that we can help you increase your online visibility, reach out to your target audience, and create brand awareness.

We are here for you to lead the way towards success!