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Dijital Karma enables your business to get one step ahead of your competitors and boost brand awareness and sales with Google Shopping Ads.

In addition to being the most popular home page of the whole internet, Google is also the first step in online shopping. If you want to reach billions of internet users from all around the world, you can highlight your business by advertising on Google’s search results page.

In addition to being the very first page most of us see when we open our web browser, Google is also the first step of online shopping. Many internet users look for detailed information and user comments about the product they plan to buy through a Google search. If you want your products to be listed at the top of the Google search results page, you should take a closer look at Google Shopping (Product Listing / Merchant Centre) Ads where you can highlight your business, products and services.

What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping Ads appear at the top of the Google search results page. Google Shopping Ads appear at the top of the Google search results page. Internet users first glance at this top part when they Google a product. That is why this area contains a high-quality image of the product with detailed information such as product name and price.

By publishing a shopping advertisement on Google, you can make your business get one step ahead of your competitors and easily reach your potential customers. You can personalize Google Shopping Ads and track the performance of your ads with the help of the statistics provided by Google.

What is the Benefit of Google Shopping Ads to Businesses?

Google Shopping Ads offer businesses the opportunity to reach a considerably wider audience, increase brand awareness and sales. Google Shopping Ads offer a unique opportunity for your business, especially if e-commerce is a big part of your operations.

Google Shopping Ads, located at the top of the page where the search results are shown, draw the attention of internet users within only a few milliseconds. Thus, your business is identified by internet users with the keywords related to your business. In addition to being noticed very easily, Google Shopping Ads also offer ease of use for the advertisers: Managing Google Shopping Ads to reach a larger audience is very straightforward. You can publish or unpublish your ads, view the statistics of your ad campaigns within only mere seconds.

With a very high return rate, Google Shopping Ads offer a fail-proof way to take your business one step ahead. Internet users often search for the product on Google with relevant keywords after making the decision to purchase it. In fact, an average buyer views the product 7 times before buying it! When you choose Google Shopping Ads; your brand will appear at the top of the search results page when users search for the product they consider buying. Google Shopping Ads offer an unprecedented ROAS (return on advertising) since it builds a bridge between your brand and the internet users who are already motivated to make a purchase. In other words, your advertising budget on Google Shopping Ads returns to you as sales.

Yüksek bir geri dönüş oranı sağlayan Google Alışveriş Reklamları ile işletmenizi bir adım öteye götüreceksiniz! İnternet kullanıcıları sıklıkla ürünü satın alma kararını verdikten sonra ürünü Google’da ilgili anahtar kelimeler ile ararlar. Google Alışveriş Reklamlarını tercih ettiğinizde; uygun fiyatlı alternatifleri görmek, kullanıcı yorumlarını okumak ya da ürün hakkında bilgi almak için ürüne ait anahtar kelimeyi arayan kullanıcıların karşısına, arama sonuçları sayfasının en tepesinde çıkarsınız. Bir başka deyişle, Google Alışveriş Reklamları ile satın alma motivasyonuna sahip kullanıcılara kolaylıkla ulaşırsınız, böylece reklam bütçeniz size satış olarak geri döner.

How Google Shopping Ads Work

When internet users search for keywords that correspond to a product, Google Shopping Ads appear at the top of the page where the search results are shown. It is very easy to turn your advertising budget into sales with Google Shopping Ads since they successfully attract the attention of potential buyers with high-quality images and product price.

How to Create Google Shopping Ads

With Google Shopping Ads, it is possible to appeal to a wider audience and increase brand awareness. To advertise on this platform, you will need to use Google AdWords platform or the Google Ads API.

It only takes moments to create a Shopping Ads campaign in AdWords. Once you are on Google Merchant Center page, all you need to do is to enter the product information and hit the “publish” button.

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