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Dijital Karma promotes your brand, services, and products, attracts new potential customers, and increases website traffic using Instagram ads.

Being one of the biggest social media platforms today, Instagram holds its title as the most popular SM platform among the internet users between 18-34 years of age. With almost 1 billion active users, Instagram appeals to a wide audience from celebrities to businesses. If you want to introduce your business to new audiences of all ages, increase your brand awareness and get more traffic on your website, you must include Instagram Ads in your marketing strategy.

Instagram allows you to employ different ad formats. Being owned by Facebook, Instagram offers highly specific targeting options and benefits of Facebook Business Manager.

What is Instagram Advertising? And What Are the Benefits of Instagram Ads?

Instagram Ads are visual, striking, dynamic ads that businesses use to promote their products and services to their target audience. Due to the nature of the platform, you can easily reach internet users of all ages on Instagram.

You can use Instagram Ads to promote your brand, sell your product, attract new guests to your event or increase your website traffic in line with your marketing plan. With the market feature introduced by Instagram in the past, it is now possible to easily sell your products as well as advertising them on this platform.

According to the researches, Instagram, which is the platform where the most clicked ads are published on social media, is also known for hosting ads that do not disturb users and integrate with timelines. If you want to communicate effectively with your target audience and make a positive impression, Instagram Ads are for you.

How to Advertise on Instagram?

There are two types of advertising on Instagram. The relatively easy one is to highlight an existing post. To do this, you must set your account as a Business Account or Creator account. Then, you can highlight the post you want by clicking the Featured button under your post.

The other and more sophisticated way is to advertise via Facebook Business Manager. You need a Facebook page for this method. With this method, you can customize your ad in accordance with your goals. You can edit your ad for various purposes such as receiving traffic, receiving clicks, receiving messages, and getting more views.

How Do Instagram Ads work?

Instagram Ads look just like regular Instagram posts and stories. In other words, it is very difficult to distinguish ads from organic Instagram content. This way, ads posted on Instagram easily attract the attention of the users instead of being dismissed.

If you want to advertise on Instagram, you can promote your business to your potential customers using the platform’s post or story sharing formats.

What Are Instagram Ad Types and How Are They Displayed?

Instagram Ads aren’t just limited to posts and stories. Advertisers can choose from many options such as IGTV, Explore Ads, Video Ads;

Story Ads: You can advertise in Stories, which is the first thing most users look at when they open the Instagram app. Ads here are shown between stories shared by accounts followed by users.

Photo Ads: These ads are displayed between posts in the feed, which is considered to be the home page of Instagram. Users see photo ads while scrolling down.

Video Ads: They are displayed on the feed, just like photo ads.

Gallery Ads: They are the ads that contain more than one video or photo within the same post.

Collection Ads: They are visually creative ads where multiple photos or videos come together. They appear as a post on the home page.

Discover Ads: They are the ads found in the Discover section of Instagram. They offer detailed targeting.

How Much Do Ads Cost on Instagram?

The pricing of Instagram Ads varies according to the ad model and your target audience. Regardless of the advertising budget of your business, it is possible to run an Instagram advertising campaign that will help you reach your goals.

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