Photo and Video Production

Dijital Karma creates high-quality photos and videos to make your brand memorable, boost your brand’s online presence, and impress your target audience.

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Trust the power of visual media! According to the research, human brain processes visual data 60,000 times faster than any other type of data. In other words, the shortest route to our brain is through our eyes! 80% of people remember better what they saw, while only 10% remember better what they heard. Visual content receives 12 times more interaction on the internet.

If you want to make your brand memorable, get in touch with your potential customers and reach a wider audience, you must plan your ad campaigns while bearing in mind that human brain is much more responsive to the visual data. Enrich your brand’s online presence and impress your customers and potential customers with editorial images, product shots, brand promotion videos, lifestyle shots, still life shots and high quality visual content.

Product Shots

The average internet user views a product 7 times before finally purchasing it. You need impressive, stylish, high quality product photos to ensure that your potential customers are attracted to your product so that they view your product’s page 7 times. 

Professional product shots, where your product is shown in detail from different angles, make your products stand out among the competitors. Product shots also inform your customers and potential customers about your product. Having high-quality product photos is especially important in eCommerce since the buyer relies on them to assess the product they want to buy. 

The sales of products with bright, high quality, striking and detailed product images and videos are much higher than products with low-quality product images.

You should allocate time and budget for stylish and professional product shots to both strengthen your brand image and increase your sales.

Life Style Social Media Content

Life style photography is a photography discipline that focuses on taking pictures of individuals and communities. Many portrait styles and editorial photographs, especially those capture the daily life, special events and certain days, are considered to be in this category. 

Life style photographs that illustrate an artistic point of view attract particular attention as they tell a story. Life style photographs, in which many details such as lighting, background and framing are carefully crafted, are frequently shared on social media. You can increase the interaction of your personal social media account with professional life style shots. Professional photographs receive higher interaction on many platforms, especially Instagram. You can create original posts with professional life style photographs that reveal your personality and style.

You can also use life style photos to tell the story of your brand. You can establish an emotional bond with your followers and strengthen your communication by juxtaposing the services you provide or the products you sell with elements of daily life in life style photos.

Life style photography creation requires a high level of technical knowledge and experience, as well as professional equipment such as lights, tripods, filters, and various lenses. For this reason, many brands as well as leading social media content creators purchase life style visual content production services from seasoned agencies. 

Still Life Shots

Still life photography is a photography discipline that frequently deals with objects. Many photographs that are often used in digital and traditional marketing, especially editorial shoots and product photographs, fall into the still life category.

Combining an artistic perspective and technical knowledge, still life shots are often created in a studio environment, using professional lighting and technical equipment. 

Usually, corporate brands prefer still life shots as they are suitable to use in social media, on the corporate website and in product catalogues.

Production of Videos That Highlight Your Brand’s Identity

You can use video and visual content that highlights your brand’s identity to make your brand stand out online. Original video content that tells your brand!s story will enable you to outshine your competitors as well as establish efficient communication with your customers and potential customers.

In addition to marketing and advertising, you can use your video content to provide more exposure to your brand in organizations such as events and industry/commerce fairs, on your corporate website, social media accounts and B2B communications. 

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